DeAnne Caffarelli, Masters in Literacy Education (Owner/Director)
In 2009, I started researching, learning and teaching character and leadership programs. I am also the owner of Right Start Preschool and love inspiring children to be the best version of themselves!  It has always be a vision of mine to take my learnings farther and empower children to become strong leaders of our future.  I became a certified Character Coach, which allowed me to teach my own Character Clubs. I have now taught Character Clubs over the past seven years and each and every class has brought a new inspiration in my life.
I am thrilled to offer Character Club Camps, Character Clubs @ Home and the opportunity of becoming a Character Coach to you.  Please join me in giving our children the opportunity to be empowered, become strong independent leaders and kids of character!
Brian Caffarelli, MBA (Business Development)

As a successful business professional over the past 20 years, I have found that the best leaders are the ones that have a strong foundation in the principles of character. I personally not only work to instill these traits in my own employees, but I work to build the same foundation with my kids.  I have seen the Character Club program in action for 7 years and the difference in the kids has been incredible.  My wife and I are very excited to bring you this amazing program and career opportunity and I look forward to talking to you about how you can start “building character” near you or within your organizations.

Julie Smith, LMFT, Licensed Psychotherapist (Founder)

Julie Smith is a licensed psychotherapist, consultant and award-winning author. She is also the founder of Character Clubs. In 2007, Julie started exploring with ways to put character into action for her children, and in 2009, the official Character Clubs program was launched. Today, Julie works with parents to navigate the often confusing relationship with their tween-to-teen by providing insight, understanding and strategies for both daily life and high-risk situations.