There has been a lot of loss and tragedy over the last few weeks. Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Fires, Floods and the most current tragedy in Las Vegas. In these moments, it is hard to comprehend the world around us and how humanity wins. We have to look deep within us to see the beauty of this world and how humanity within ourselves can help us prevail.

It is humbling to see people coming together and help those in need. It is hopeful that so many have compassion for those who they have never met. It is comforting to know when life throws curve balls at you, you know there are many who will have your back. It is inspiring to see people at their finest. When you witness this, you can see how humanity wins, how the integrity of humans brings out the best in them to help those who need it more than ever.

In life, there will always be heartaches with triumphs. There will be setbacks with moving forward. There will be tears with laughter. This is what life is about. What makes the difference between prevailing or failing is truly the integrity within us.

These tough life moments are when you stop and think,YES! there are SO many good people in the world who are sharing their best selves.  INTEGRITY: The simple act of being true to your BEST self. The common thread here is just that. Being true to your best self.  We all have trials and tribulations but it is how we overcome them that matters it is how we help those in need that also matters.

The big question is, “is it possible to have integrity with others if you don’t have it with yourself?” I don’t think so. You have to be true to who you really are and believe it with every fiber of your being before you can begin show your BEST self to others and really make a difference.

I was in my yoga class the other day, and my instructor mentioned the two most powerful words for ourselves:  I AM. I thought a lot about what this means and the impact it can have on ourselves. When we are at our best self only then are we able to give to others, make an impact on this world, and become at some sort of peace with everything going on around us. When we wake up in the morning and start the day saying, “I am smart enough”,  “I am strong enough”, “I am good enough”, “I am beautiful enough”, “I AM enough”,  only then can we give to others. These are powerful I AM statements that can truly impact our lives and those around us.  When we truly believe this about ourselves then we are being true to our best selves and then we can share that beauty with others. I AM statements are a great way to treat yourself with integrity, and reinforcement is necessary every day. It’s a good reminder that you can’t neglect yourself, and the only way you’ll have enough in your tank to help others is to fill your own.

Being our best selves, in turn, transpires to acts of kindness, which in turn, creates the beautiful coming together of communities to take the unthinkable, the unimaginable and make it more manageable and comforting. This is how we can start to heal from all the loss and tragedy. Think about how you can help those in need. Think about how your integrity helps those around you everyday. Life it is a beautiful thing… Share YOUR best with someone!


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