Let’s face it… raising children is the hardest job we will ever be given. We have one shot at it, and we don’t want to screw it up! We are consistently second guessing our decisions. We are in a constant battle within ourselves…. did I say the right things, do the right thing, not say enough, or did I say too much? I am extremely hard on myself as a parent, but after 14 years, I am slowly learning I will make mistakes, I will not always say the right thing, I will get upset with how I handled situations and I will sometimes feel overwhelmed with how to handle tough times.

BUT through it all the common thread is… did I deal with these situations with KINDNESS?  Did I RESPECT my children enough and teach them how to handle problems with INTEGRITY?  Did I PERSEVERE enough to get my point across and not fold under the pressure of “mini terrorists”?

Yes I said “mini terrorists!”,  My dear friend always tells me not reason with “mini terrorists” and she’s right! I sometimes feel that is who my children are when I am trying to reason with them! It feels impossible at times!

I wonder, did my husband and I show TEAMWORK? Did we join forces and work together to show our children we work as a team in good times and bad.

And most importantly, did I demonstrate RESPONSIBILITY to my children? I am responsible for always showing them what is right and what is wrong. To help guide them into responsible young human beings.

These six character traits are not only for teaching our children, but they should be a constant reminder of implementing them ourselves, as parents. We have all heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words.” This is a powerful statement and one we should remember. Parenting is tough, but MOST of the time it is the most rewarding job we will ever have. If we are present in our children’s lives, if we show examples of character even when dealing with tough situations, if we embrace our mistakes and learn from them, then we are doing a pretty good job!

So try not to be too hard on yourself. Have a glass of wine at the end of a really hard day, go to yoga to center yourself, meditate, call a friend, or go out for a run. Do whatever makes you become a better mom, a better dad, a better person. Pull up your big girl pants, know tomorrow is another day, and know you will have good and not so good parenting days. Embrace it! Love it! Most importantly do it with CHARACTER!


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