Hello! We are excited to share Character Clubs with you and your family!
For our family it has meant a lot of things. Character Clubs has given our children the courage to become influential leaders to their peers, their classmates and in their community. Character Clubs has given my husband and I essential tools in helping our children when dealing with tough situations.
Character Clubs has also allowed me to provide valuable skills and training to other educators and moms looking to make a difference as well as the opportunity to earn some additional income. Overall it has given us the opportunity to share with other families the importance of giving children the opportunity to be their best self!
I’m DeAnne Caffarelli. As a mother of three, educator, business owner, and community member, I have always had a passion for helping children become their best self. I strive to make a difference in the lives of my children, my students, my business and my community.
But how does one go about doing this?
Change can be hard and for me change is really hard. I wanted my children to have more confidence in the decisions they make.  I wanted  them to make better life choices.  I wanted them to have a positive impact in the world they live in.  Most importantly, I wanted them to give back to their community and become leaders to their peers.
About 10 years ago, I started researching, learning and teaching Character and leadership programs.
I started using these learnings with my 5 year old and little did we know the immediate benefits it would offer our family.
It not only changed our son’s life but my life completely. This was my “aha” moment. This was the answer I was looking for. I became a certified Character Coach, which allowed me to teach my own Character Clubs.
I have now taught Character Clubs over the past seven years and each and every class has brought a new inspiration in my life.
I have witnessed incredible transformation in my life and my family’s life based on six essential habits of character:
In addition to service and gratitude.

When the opportunity arose for me to take over the reins of Character Clubs, I jumped at the opportunity to bring Character Clubs to families across the nation and maybe one day the world. We knew this was a good fit for our family, our life style and the direction we wanted for our family and for our community.

Our family looks a lot like most families. We go on many adventures together, soccer every weekend, homework, and struggles on what to make for dinner.  We sometimes get our feelings hurt but always love and support one another.  The overall struggle of balancing it all while trying to lead the best life for my family and myself can be a daunting task.  Believe me there are days I wonder how I can accomplish it all.  Through Character and Gratitude I know these goals can be accomplished.

I’m thrilled to share Character Clubs with you and your family. I hope you choose to take this journey with me!


DeAnne Caffarelli

DeAnne Caffarelli Owner / Director Character Clubs

I started out being a Character Coach for my family – now I want to make Character Clubs a part of your family too.