How can one word be so imperative to an individual, to a family, to a community?

It’s simple really – it is the key that initially opens the first door of opportunity.
Responsibility is one of the most important qualities of exceptional families.
Responsibility is the art of being answerable and accountable for your thoughts, your words and your actions. It is more than just a skill it is a lifestyle you choose to lead. It is a habit that becomes your lifestyle.

The big question is how does one go about instilling these habits into ones lifestyle and family?

It is not as simple as handing out chores to family members.

It is about the contribution of every single family member working towards common goals.

It is giving your children the opportunities to voice their opinions and show them their opinions do matter.

Giving children small responsibilities and validating their opinions boosts their independence and self-esteem. When family members feel their voice counts, their contributions count, they start to become more responsible and begin forming responsible lifestyle choices.

Recognizing that you and your family are 100% responsible for each and everything in your life is the starting point to being AND leading the changes you wish to see in the world. \

One hundred percent responsibility would look something like this:

No excuses.

No blaming.

No badmouthing.

More control.

More opportunities.

More freedom.

The more time you spend being irresponsible, the more control you hand over to someone or something else.

I can’t say this with one hundred percent certainty; but I would imagine you and your family prefer to be the ones in charge of your lives. You and only you can create the life you desire. It’s up to each family member to support a willing mindset of responsibility.

Responsibility is one of the most important qualities of exceptional families.

Responsibility is one of the most important qualities of YOU!

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