What’s all the fun about?

Character Clubs are camps for kids ages 3-12 designed to teach and instill 6 traits of character, along with the important mindsets of gratitude and service. Our programs builds confidence in children by developing life and leadership skills through fun art projects and team building activities.


Campers will learn what it means to take responsibility – the act of being 100% answerable and accountable for all your words, thoughts and actions.


Respect for yourself and others is a key Character Trait. Our campers learn about the worth or excellence of each person (including yourself), animal or object’s quality and ability.


At camp we work to develop a spirit of goodness and benevolence. Our campers learn what it means to be considerate and humane – to all living things.


True leaders know it’s not about “going it alone”. At Character Clubs we teach future leaders the importance of cooperative and coordinated efforts on the part of a group, acting together as a team or in the interest of a common cause.


What does it REALLY mean to “Never give up!”? It means having a steady persistence to achieve goals, dreams and objectives in spite of discouragement and obstacles.


What does it mean to “be true to your best self”? Who is your best self – and how do you protect it once it comes to light?

Character Camps Summer 2018

Our Summer Camps are now open and ready for registration! Give your child a new experience this summer with Character Camps.

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